How to write a comparing and contrasting essay

Writing a comparing and contrasting essay is an important skill that will be useful to you in your educational career.

Preparation of the contents of the work

Thinking on such an important question as how to write a comparing and contrasting essay, first of all you must carefully analyze the question. In your head there may be great ideas for writing, but if it does not exactly match the given topic, you will lose points.

Determine which type of comparing and contrasting essay you need to write. Sometimes everything is quite simple - you need to compare something with each other, and sometimes you need to create a special evaluation model first.

Make a list of similar and different in the compared object. This will help you determine what will act as a basis for comparison.

You may need to develop some sort of color separation system for different and common points.

Set a basis for comparison. Among other things, the basis can be:

  • theory;
  • a question or a problem, which should be answered with a composition;
  • a historical theme.

The comparison should have a specific thesis or idea, determining "why" it was you who suddenly decided to compare these two objects with each other.

Despite the fact that it will be tempting to delve into the details of compared items, it is important to provide no more details than the format of the job requires. Compare several aspects in each of the topics instead of trying to cover both topics entirely.

Prepare a thesis. Each essay must have a clear and coherent thesis.

Organization of the contents of the work

The first thing is a draft. First you need to decide how you organize the content. In this sense, comparing and contrasting works are unique - they can be organized in several different ways:

  • a standard method;
  • the simplest method (the usual list of items);
  • key points can be written out on cards or stickers, which can then be arranged as the soul wants.

Divide the parts of the paragraph by paragraph. This means that the first paragraph will compare items on one aspect, the second on the second, and so on. The advantage of this structure is that throughout the entire work, the reader's attention is drawn to the comparison.

Devote every second paragraph to one of the subjects. This means that the first paragraph will reveal one aspect of the subject, and the second - the same aspect of another subject. The advantage of this structure is that it allows you to discuss various aspects of objects with great detail.

Immediately describe everything that relates to one subject. This means that the first half of the main part will be devoted to the discussion of the first subject, and the second will fully reveal the subject of the second subject, considering that all items will follow in the same order.

Work on composition

Write an essay not in order. Instead, do this:

  • First, the main part. Work through all the information that you have, and see what story she tells you.
  • The second stage is the conclusion. Now that you have coped with the most difficult task, the basic idea of your work is clearly presented to you.
  • At the end, an introduction. In general, this is reorganization/ rephrasing of your conclusion.

Write the paragraphs of the main part. The first sentence of the paragraph of the main part prepares the reader for what will be told in the paragraph. The middle part of the paragraph reveals the information you have collected, and the last sentence makes a small conclusion based on this information.

Write a conclusion. The conclusion should cover the brief, basic information that you used in the paragraphs of the main part, and then draw a more ambitious conclusion about the two subjects.

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