How to write a memoir essay

Memoir essays confirm your life experience and make your life meaningful. In addition, your memories are an invaluable example for other people: by their example you can learn to enjoy life.

Think about the essence of the narrative

Begin to narrow the scope of the narrative. In fact, interesting memoir essay are not a story about your life; this is a description of that period of time when you had sincere emotions, a genuine experience. Thinking on how to write a memoir essay, try to narrow down the story of your life, paying attention to a single period of time or event.

Find old photos, diaries and objects of nostalgia. They will help remember the experience you can write about.

If you cannot immediately remember all the events, this does not mean that they should not be remembered. Memoir essay involve the exploration of one's personality.

Let your emotions get free. Writing memoir essay - this is an event when emotions should prevail over the mind.

Creating Your Masterpiece

Be honest. If on paper your life seems boring, try to perceive this fact as another challenge to yourself.

Do not necessarily completely and completely trust your memory - ask other people about the course of events. You do not need a prejudiced view of things. In addition, you have the power of a pen in your hands, but you do not need to abuse it.

If the reader feels that the author is lying to himself, uses his creation for propaganda purposes or roughly imposes his idea of the world, his reaction will be extremely negative. If the reader feels that you are honest, you will receive approval.

It is important to remember that:

  • Your story must have a beginning and an end.
  • Speak directly. Do not hurry and get confused.
  • Think about the beginning and end of your story before writing it.

Among other things, memoir essay is based on truth. Here are important:

  • dates,
  • times,
  • names,
  • people,
  • coincidence of events.

Your mood for memories will affect the emotional state every time you remember something. Have to bring your emotions in order.

Review your work:

  • Does it say anything about what you have decided to say?
  • Maybe something is missing?
  • Are there unanswered questions?
  • Is the main idea clear?
  • Does it come from you?

Thinking on how to write a memoir essay, remember it should be entertaining. They do not have to be entertaining in nature, but they should have a zest.

Check not only the semantic errors. Also check grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation. The computer cannot fix all errors. If you have a close friend or family member who is well versed in this, ask him for help.

Cross out the unnecessary. Not everything written is worth its weight in gold. After a pause, start working on the critical analysis and removing the unnecessary.

It is not necessary to remember every moment of your being. Mention only what will lead you to the ultimate goal.

After you have reviewed the work the many times, read your memoirs to the closest friends, so that they appreciate your efforts.

Constructive criticism is vital to your narrative. Sometimes you can ignore the nuances that others see, so their comments will help improve your work.


Interesting memoirs are verbally saturated: they contain metaphors, comparisons, descriptions, dialogues and emotions.

Memoirs differ from autobiography in that they focus on certain events of a person's life.

Memoirs should consist of an introduction, middle and ending. Also, there must be a problem, a conflict and its solution.

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