How to write a policy paper

Writing a policy paper - the task is not easy, especially if you first encounter this.


We need to understand for ourselves how to write a policy paper and what its object is. As a rule, such an essay contains an in-depth analysis of a certain problem or represents an opinion based on a concrete fact. Often you have to analyze a literary work or a film, but you can also be asked about the main idea or problem. To cope with this, you need to split the assignment into several parts and provide arguments taken either from the book/ movie or from your research and support your opinion.

Decide what you will write about. If you carry out the task for the lesson, then the teacher, as a rule, has already determined the topic (or topics) for you. Carefully read the assignment. Sometimes you have to choose your own theme.


  • If you write a policy paper about an artwork, you can justify your opinions based on the actions of a certain hero or a number of characters.
  • If you write about a historical event, try to pay attention to the driving forces that influenced the course of events.
  • If you are analyzing scientific research / results, use the scientific method to analyze the findings.

The flowchart is an important part - draw the main theme and the additional topics that leave it. Connect topics together to identify patterns and relationships.

It's good to think about doing half the job. Do not dismiss a single thought that comes to your mind, write down everything you think about when researching the topic.

Must have

Start with a thesis statement. A thesis is a sentence or several sentences that summarize your statements in an essay. The thesis should tell the reader what will be discussed in your work. The thesis examines the text and allows you to make a statement.

Statements are not axioms, they can be disputed. In the policy paper, you are, as it were, choosing your side with which you approach the study of the question and from this position and put forward a statement.

Find additional arguments. Review the material that you work with.

The plan will help you structure the paper and make it easier to write. Typically, a policy paper consists of an introduction, three paragraphs of the main part and an output, but many teachers require longer and more detailed papers. Organize the plan accordingly.

Write an introduction to the paper. The introduction should give the reader basic information about the problem. You must also write a thesis statement in the first paragraph. Try to make the introduction fascinating, but do not overdo it. Avoid:

  • summary of events
  • dramatic arrivals
  • first and second person when writing.

The thesis is stated in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

Do not spill water. It is not necessary to start the paragraph with general words, in which there are many sounds, but little substance. Go straight to the point.

Write the paragraphs of the main part. Each paragraph should consist of:

  • the main proposal,
  • analysis of part of the text,
  • an argument from the text, which confirms the analysis of the work and the thesis statement.

Make your conclusions

In the conclusion, you should remind the reader of the process of proving the argument. You can also rephrase the thesis. Some teachers want you to formulate a link between the events in the conclusions. This means that you need to submit "integrated solutions".

The final stage

Check the paper for grammatical and spelling errors. As a rule, a paper in which there are many mistakes is estimated by a smaller score than that which has been checked and improved. Check the spelling, look for complex rhetorical sentences in the text and check punctuation marks.

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