Writing a personal essay

A personal essay is necessary for admission to a foreign university within the framework of scholarship or other programs. It should reflect your interest in a particular program of the university and your unique abilities that you have for this program. Study carefully the information on how to cope with writing a personal essay and reasonably explain why you are going to act on this or that program.

Analysis of programs

Browse the courses, programs and universities that you would like to apply for. Study them as deeply as possible to understand what exactly this or that program is interesting for you.

Think 5 reasons why you chose this particular university or program among many others.

Answer first a few questions about your motivation before you start writing. Below are a few useful things that need to be done before sending an application to the university.

Ask yourself which part of your life corresponds to your interest in this area. Think about the difficulties and mentors associated with this training program, which affected you and your personal growth.

Make a list of those things that distinguish you from all other applicants.

It can be:

  • family,
  • health,
  • achievements,
  • special projects
  • anything else that distinguishes you from the rest.

Write about the projects that you have completed, whether it is in normal work or during study, which would be related to the chosen program. Give the commission to understand that you have enough experience and skills for this program to succeed.


Write about yourself in free form for 5-10 minutes and why you want to enter this university. A lot of similar applications come in the commission on reception. Do not repeat in your personal essay that which you have already heard or read.

An essay in free form will give you the opportunity to present your thoughts a little deeper than you would have originally written.

If what you wrote you can say about each person, then your personal essay will not be interesting and convincing.


Make writing a personal essay as a story. Take your draft copy and rewrite it as if you are writing a story about your personal and student life.

The first two sentences should reflect your interest in this program.

After the introductory part, you should justify your interest and describe why you are suitable for participating in this program. Include in this part information about:

  • your qualifications,
  • an experience,
  • career goals,
  • your research, which would be similar to the subject of the program.

Attach a few documents confirming your experience and qualifications. It's not enough to tell the commission that you have a lot of experience in this or that field, it will be more convincing to bring evidence in the form of awards, achievements and assessments.

If you have gaps in your work or study biography, justify them, do not ignore them.

Check your answers, whether they are complete enough and specifically answer the questions posed in the application.

Keep in mind that for each program you must write a separate personal essay.

Remove from the essay everything that will not be interesting to the admissions committee.

Information in the essay should not be repeated, check it out. Instead of questions to which you have already answered, indicate something else that may influence the positive decision of the commission.


Read your personal essay aloud to test it for unsuccessful phrases and expressions.

  • check:
  • spelling,
  • the presence of grammatical errors,
  • punctuation errors.

They are often admitted in statements that can immediately become the reason for the refusal.

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