University or college admission essay prompts

Understanding university or college admission essay prompts can be quite problematic, especially if you do not feel inspired or cannot collect your thoughts. But do not worry - a little planning, research and hard work - and you can easily write any composition for college. The essay should begin with an introduction in which you need to identify key theses to attract the reader; these are the points of view that you will consider in the main part. If you want to learn how to write an essay for college, follow these recommendations.

Preparation for essay writing

Clarify for yourself the essence of the task. Despite the fact that you might want to plunge into writing a composition, you need to know exactly what you want before you create a blank document in Word. Read carefully the assignment and determine which work is required of you, what the volume of the text is and how many studies will be needed. Here are a few things that you need to figure out before you go directly to writing.

If your essay should consist of only 500 words, then it will be very different from an essay of 2000 words. Take into account the requirements for the volume of the text and try to invest in it, or at least 10%. You do not want to irritate the teacher with too long or too short a composition.

To write an essay on some subjects, you may need to seriously study some problem or phenomenon. At the core of others will be the materials of the training course, such as stories, workbooks, on the basis of which it will be necessary to draw their conclusions. One way or another, to write a good work you need to conduct a thorough research of the question to which it is devoted.

If you have any questions, talk with the teacher a few days before the essay is submitted to clarify the issues that worry you.

Study the classification of works. There are many types of essays that you will have to write in college, with the rules of writing which you should read in order to understand what is required of you. Here are the main types of essays that you should pay attention to.

The main purpose of writing is to get the reader to take your point of view on some issue. For example, if the essay gives reasons why a ban on carrying firearms should be introduced, then this will be a composition-reflection.

  • Composition-analysis: This species is widely distributed in literary circles and subjects devoted to the study of literary works. For writing, you will need to read the work and analyze its content, the main theme, the characters, based on your vision, supplementing it with "criticism" from the course program on this topic.
  • Overview: The basic idea is that you need to describe the process or situation in detail, for example, the daily life of students.
  • Scientific analysis: For writing, you need to study the topic more deeply, in order to tell the readers the history, methods of application and attitude.
  • Comparative analysis: Two themes or phenomena are compared and compared to illustrate their similarity or differences.

Decide on the target audience. Do you write for a professor, classmates, experts in this field or for beginners? If you write for specialists, you do not need to disclose the meaning of the basic concepts and you can use more complex terminology, but if you write for people who are "not in the subject", for example, if you write a film review for those who have not yet seen it, you It is necessary to include more general information in the essay.

If you write a study on an unknown topic, you need to describe your discoveries in the smallest detail.

Decide on the purpose of writing an essay. Do you want to convey to people some information, adjust to a certain way, compare, analyze some phenomena or facts, share a story or just entertain? It is very important to determine the purpose of writing to find the right arguments and reach out to the readers. For example, if your goal is to set up readers against a particular phenomenon, you must pick up the arguments in a logical sequence to convince them of their rightness:

  • If you are aiming to analyze a poem or a production, you need to find the quotes that illustrate your position.
  • If you write a comparative analysis, you should be well aware of the differences and similarities of things that will be discussed in the work.
  • If your main goal is to write a short message on a topic, you should master it well in order to make it available for readers.

Decide on the style of writing essays. The style of writing is important for writing a good essay. In most cases, it will be publicistic: neutral, informative and concise. If you use too expressive vocabulary in an attempt to convince everyone of the correctness of your research, it will not be used by authority. If you descend before using slang expressions or speaking, your research will not look professional. But if you write memoirs, you can use more informal vocabulary.

The style of the letter expresses your attitude to the subject of research. It can be skeptical, enthusiastic, a bit cynical, suspicious or neutral. But regardless of what kind of emotions your research object causes, the style of writing should be corresponding to the writing of the essay.

If you write an essay on stem cell research, you should be objective in your assessments and choose a neutral style of presentation, and do not give any estimates. If this is a reflection on the topic of online dating, the style can be freer.

How to deal with college admission essay prompts

All students, beginning with the junior school, and ending with those who receive the second education, used written answers. Successful students understood what it was for, and answered as they would like to see their answer examiner

Look for the words "explain" or "describe". They are indicators that your essay should explain or describe something. There is no need to argue or prove anything. Your main task in this case is to open the topic, and not to express your opinion or to argue anything.

Think about what you are asked to write about. Make sure that you do not write too much, but 5 paragraphs will not be enough. You also should not describe the problem too narrowly.

Create statements. In the case of an explanation, your statements will tell you what you explain or describe, and how to do it.

Think of 2-3 proposals that will substantiate your statements.

Think of the introductory part. Your approval will be the last sentence.

Write the main part. You need to write at least 1 paragraph, better - 2, and even better - 3.Begin each paragraph with the main sentence. Explain the main sentence. Prepare examples that support your theory. Analyze the examples. Write the final sentence.

Add a conclusion. Summarize your thoughts at the end of the paragraph.

Find the words "tell", "time" or "event". They tell you that you need to write a story, usually about yourself.

Write a story about what happened to you, what you learned from this lesson, or how this event affected your life. Write from the first person. Talk about yourself using the words "I" or "me".

Start with an introduction that will show the reader that it will be a story.

Write a story more freely than other types of writing. Use descriptions, metaphors, anecdotes, dialogues and literary devices.

Complete your narrative by telling the reader what you have learned from this situation.

Convincing tips

Look for the words "convince" or "assure". Here you must write arguments that will help convince a person with a personal vision of the situation. You can try to convince someone who will read your essay, or you will be told that in this essay you need to convince a certain person.

Decide which arguments will best convince the reader. Determine what the reader will most likely object to, and how you can refute his opinion.

Write an introduction where you tell the main points. At the end, write to the reader about how you want to convince him.

Add 2-3 paragraphs, giving the main arguments, evidence and examples that will help to substantiate your opinion. Add a paragraph with your most important argument, or the reader's objection, and then disprove it.

Write a conclusion in which you will defend your opinion.

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