Allelopathic Effect of S i9000. Macrophylla for the Growth of Versus. Radiata Seedlings

 Essay about Allelopathic A result of S. Macrophylla on the Growth of V. Radiata Seedlings

Allelopathic effect of T. macrophylla within the growth of Sixth is v. radiata baby plants

Thea Philea I. Mostralesa, Greeny Delight A. Perucho, Rhoshela Ni C. Rendon, John Gregor A. Rono, Emmerson G. Rullog, Riffcord R-Denz Meters. Tabula Company of Biology, College of Science, College or university of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City (a Thea Philea I. Mostrales, e-mail: theaphilea. [email protected] com)


Swietenia macrophylla, or perhaps commonly known as the mahogany tree in the Thailand, is an introduced species of the family Meliaceae that may be commonly used intended for lumber and reforestation assignments. However , based on studies, pyschological data reports that the mahogany tree offers inhibitory results that have an effect on adjacent developing plants. This really is made possible chemically and is referred to generally because allelopathy. This study was executed to determine is usually S. macrophylla had any kind of adverse effects to the growth of plant life in close proximity to it. The experts selected three mahogany trees and selected and planted six plots of differeing distances with each story containing ten monggo seedlings. The effects obtained reveal that there is not any significant difference involving the growth of monggo seedlings growing near the mahogany tree to this of monggo seedling developing near the control tree depending on the examination done around the seedlings' height, weight and survival level. Results also indicate that distance with the seedlings from the S. macrophylla has no influence on the intensity of inhibition of the growth of the Sixth is v. radiata. The results acquired can be caused by factors which include the texture of soil, fine-textures soil he was proven to possess a greater retention capacity of allelochemicals than coarse-textures soils. Also, allelopathic interactions include both promontory and inhibitory activities of phenolic allelochemicals and thus using seed germination as a bioassay parameter might be of little value.

KEY WORDS: Swietenia macrophylla, allelopathy, regarding monggo baby plants, inhibitory a result of mahogany, launched species



Swietenia macrophylla, commonly well-known in the Philippines as mahogany, is a member of the order Sapindales, under family Meliaceae. It is a large, fast-growing, semi-evergreen tree, popular intended for landscaping, particularly in North American and Carribean countries, where very low vulnerable position as provided by simply CITES (Oldfield 1995), and then for its solid wood intended for lumber. This tree was first introduced in the Philippines around 1907, and 1913 included in the Mt. Makiling forest. It truly is currently utilized in the Israel as a lumber tree and utilized in various reforestation assignments. However , studies have shown that however effective S. macrophylla may be towards the Philippine overall economy and to their environment, in addition, it displays negative effects to the Filipino wildlife. As being a recently launched species, the said tree has been struggling to produce a all-natural web of life about it; you will discover no natural consumers of mahogany in the area, and as such, the spot around the shrub will not be populated by indigenous fauna right away.

It is also thought that mahogany leaves consist of allelopathic substances. In a analyze conducted simply by P. Thinley in 2002, it was demonstrated that H. macrophylla leaves inhibited the growth of Pterocarpus indicus. Allelopathic compounds hinder growth and development of other vegetation when brought to them. Allelopathy is the development of a certain plant of these kinds of compounds and really should not to become confused with competition, which may could involve allelopathy. Allelopathy is common in the herb kingdom, spread out in unique fashion around orders. Some plants will be deemed unpleasant due to their allelopathic nature and mahogany forest are not exempt. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The research aimed to see whether S. macrophylla can detrimentally affect the growth of plants next to it and specifically desired to answer the subsequent questions: 1) Does mahogany affect the growth of newly planted...

References: Waller, G. R., " Allelochemicals: Role in Agriculture and Forestry”, American Chemical World, Washington, Deb. C. 1987




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