Bp Ethical Tradition to the Gulf Coast

 Essay about Bp Honest Culture for the Gulf Coastline

Problem 1)


BP can be one of planet's largest energy company, they must have enough capital, technical and experience a responsibility to hold theirrefinery secure and operate smooth within their working region. But some issue appeared coming from BP inside to cause this commodity future trading spill disaster. Save expense for to overlooked secure for the machine; Assigned Transocean to exercise oil; and continue to exercise oil when technician viewed out rig's blowout preventer was dripping are main reason in this devastation. Everyone totally not accept this forgotten in one background technical energy company.

Conserve Cost

Currently save expense from an existing business is usually logic and comment. We all understand and accept preserve cost to hold competition available in the market but first matter is keep high quality development after preserve cost. If perhaps not it can cause many problems out of this action. This really is a simple common sense for business beginner. So a lot of people don't know for what reason a huge and history company forgot this main point.

Oil drilling is among dangerous and careful work in this world. Each step of the process must want circumspect and 100% secure before actions. So risikomanagement most important for that, but BP cut 4 corners like to reduce costs. For example , no remote control to urgent shut down switch install on the machine. This one is definitely last insurance for the protection but they can miss it to get save expense.

Also, upon simple procedures, they remove some stage and top quality test for the tube. Each industrialist must understand final quality check is definitely one of primary step in the availability. This step if missed could potentially cause the company loss a large amount and product assurance. Especially, public confidence is very important for each product or service. They need shell out as well considerably capital and time to develop. Unfortunately, BP looks like forget this key point. They miss some step and quality test out intentionally. Quality is for the pipe largely to find the gas in the very well. I know these kinds of actions conserve some cost for their development. But they are loss a huge amount and crude oil, assured of public and 14 technical staff.

Contractor investigation

Based on there is no risk management and in addition they contracting away oil exercise to Transocean. In information that nearly four situations were possessed by Transocean almost 36 months. They can make an investigation ahead of contract in the event they have risk management. No Risk sense

One particular technical staff whois worked on Deepwater Ecart oil rig and points out BP neglect. He report to BP the rig's blowout preventer leaked before surge but BP still not any action intended for stop development. BP's administration are not only zero risk management pertaining to save price, and then they just knowledge tips on how to earn more money to negligence basic safety.


BP is a history and largest energy in the world. Funds may cover their moral knowledge. They will destroyed a one heaven position for travel and leisure, fishing industry in Gulf Coast, tourism, 11 staff's life, all their thousands of gallons crude oil and main point is shed reputation and trust by public.

Problem 2)


Lots of subjects are with this unfortunate crash, environment of Gulf coastline, tourism, angling industry, eleven technical staff etc . Although not included BP in this case. They are murderer fully in this petrol spill disaster based on their particular company failed in the supervision of potential risk.

Label question one particular, their administration should be quit production prior to explosion the moment their staff appear the rig's blowout preventer leaked. If they can stop the availability immediately, background should be no this catastrophe and BP continue to work smooth on the market. Management of potential risk is important to them, but they entirely to ignore it.

In cases like this, one of true victim is their staffs who will be killed with this explosion. Before employ this kind of job, all staff need to understood how dangerous for their job. Installed down their very own worry and accept this kind of dangerous work because they believe a largest company a new completely system to protect all their life and promise...



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