Comparison of Different Spiritual Wedding Traditions

 Comparison of Different Religious Wedding ceremony Rituals Essay

Your Normal Christian Wedding party includes…


•Usually in the church

•Hall may be used


•A traditional white gown/ ball costume is put on by the bride. She generally has a vial and includes a bouquet of flowers in her hands. •The bridegroom would wear a black and white-colored tuxedo with either a ribbon and bow or a tie. Rituals

The Procession

•Seating of the Parents

Obtaining the support and involvement of fogeys and grandparents in the wedding brings an exclusive blessing for the couple and also expresses honor to the previous generations of marriage assemblage. The processional music commences with the seating of the honored guests: oSeating of the Groom's grandmother

oSeating of the Bride's grandma

oSeating of the Groom's parents

oSeating of the Bride's mother

•Bridal Processional Begins

oMinister and Groom enter into usually via stage correct. If the Groomsmen are not escorting the Bridesmaids down the passageway to the church, they also get into together with the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) and Groom. oBridesmaids enter in, usually over the center aisle, one at a time. If the Groomsmen will be escorting the Bridesmaids, they enter jointly. oMaid or Matron of Honor goes in. If she actually is being escorted by the Ideal Man, that they enter with each other. oFlower Girl and Band Bearer enter in.

•Wedding March Begins

The Bride and her father enters. Usually the Bride's mother will stand as a signal for all of the friends to stand. Sometimes the Minister can announce, " All climb for the Bride. " •Opening Feedback - " The Call to Worship"

•The Opening Prayer

•Congregation is Seated

•Giving Away of the Bride

•Worship Song, Hymn or Solo

•The Fee to Groom and bride

•The Promise

•Wedding Promises

•Exchanging with the Rings

•Lighting of the Unity Candle

•The Pronouncement


Many times couples will combine Communion into the wedding ceremony, making Communion all their very first work as a married couple. •The Final Prayer

•And finally: " You may at this point kiss the bride! "


After this wedding is the Reception


•Any type of Christian (Western) food is appropriate. However the Wedding Cake is definitely the most important and anticipated foodstuff. •Great care is taken in its preparation- it is white colored.

A lot of interesting accessories

•Often the bride's basket is placed (by the bride turning away from that direction) right into a crowd of female (unmarried) ladies and the one that gets it will be wedded next, according to the tale).

The typical Islam/ Muslim wedding ceremony includes…


•Usually in a lounge.


The Bride's Dress

•The covering of the head is carried out as a sign of admiration.

•The ghunghat, which is equivalent to the veil of the Christian bride, is definitely worn by the bride. (usually a cherry/ reddish colour) •The chunri, (draping) worn with a ghaghra choli, can be tucked in at the midsection on one end, pleated wonderfully around the human body and draped delicately above one make. The Groom's Dress

•They wear a safa with its flowing tail-end.

•White flowers can be tied in suspended strings over the temple, called sehra. •The groom may wear a white-colored silk brocade suit, sword and turban as his wedding outfit. Rituals

The marriage Ceremony


The meher, (a mandatory amount of money given to the bride's family by groom's family) is decided upon by parents of the two families. •Before reading a particular piece from your Koran (the holy publication of the Muslims), witnessed by two men persons and a lawyer or eminent person, the priest will inquire the star of the wedding if the girl with happy with the arrangement and whether the girl agrees to marry the groom. The boy is asked the same. •The marriage is definitely registered (nikaahnama). The groom is then taken to the could section. He gives funds and items to the sisters of the star of the wedding. He gets the benefits of the older woman while offering his salutations. •After their particular first meal, the bridegroom and bride are sitting together. The Holy Heiliges buch des islam is stored between them and perhaps they are allowed to see each other through reflection by...

Bibliography: Used information:

• Friends who happen to be Christian and Muslim

• Family users










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