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Target Marketing Inwendig, Warner Bros. Distributors Limited EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATION 2005 – 08 Kasetsart School Laboratory Institution Multilingual Plan, Thailand 2009– 2010 Waimea High School, Fresh Zealand

A – Levels equivalent including English(C), Mathematics(A), Accounting(B), Business Economics(C) and Visual Art(A) 2010(April) IELTS Certificate – Level 6th

As an indication of capacity to communicate in English 2011 – Present BA (HONS) Business Government, University of Portsmouth


Communication Abilities

* Very clear and developed communication expertise gained through experience in working with clients, phone counseling and mediation. Time Management and Organization

5. Ability to plan ahead

* Prioritizing and arranging of university or college studies, job, social incidents, and personal lifestyle. Ability to relate with a range of people

* Through my own involvement with voluntary and work experience I possess met a wide range of people. 2. Having this experience offers helped me develop and wide open mind and given myself the ability to cope with people via different background cultures.


08 (October) Revenue Assistant home furniture retailer, Rayong, Thailand

(Full – time over summers) 2009 – 2010 Waitress Glowing Bell Cafe, Nelson, New Zealand

(Part – time during semesters, full – period over summers) 2010 English language teacher, Kumon, Rayong Thailand (April - August) (Full time during a year gap)





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