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In 1643, there were several New Britain colonies who have formed a confederation and they came up with the Articles of Confederation. In 1697, Bill Penn helped bring forth an agenda of union which by no means was implemented. Last but not least in 1754, Dernier-ne Franklin came across the Albany Plan of Union. " The history of colonial work to work or combine demonstrates which the colonies acquired no strong or environmentally friendly need for one common government. ” All of those ideas never went into effect but that doesn't mean that they didn't want to unite. In the following paragraphs I'm going to point out why I do think this statement is incorrect by using papers A, W, and C.

Document A describe the New England confederation and the Content of Confederation. The articles or blog posts simply implied that they needed to unite so they can protect one another from prevalent enemies including the Native Americans, the Dutch as well as the French. The union was merely a business arrangement. Simply by 1662 the union was very fragile and by 1684 it had dissolved all together. Even though it was simply a business agreement I feel that they did try to be successful because when you have a union then you can have one big military and they could protect each other better than in the event they were not one big union.

William Penn's strategy of union is Document B. Penn saw a requirement of military and economic co-operation among the colonies so he proposed his plan of union in 1697 however it never was implemented. His plan of union explained how the the uniting of the Northern elements of America would be more helpful to the crown and will be more useful to the peacefulness and protection of the people. His prepare had several major details. They were: 1 ) That two persons of substance from each Colony would make a Congress in the Union. 2 . The King's Commissioner, for your purpose specially appointed, shall have the seat and preside in the Our elected representatives. 3. The Congress could meet inside the Colony of recent York, when it was the central Colony geographically, thus...



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