keats and wordsworth

 keats and wordsworth Composition





" a statement is usually meaningful only if it can

become verified empirically (Sproul 103). "

" Man came to be free, yet everywhere he can in


- Rousseau

Rousseau (1712-1778) cried:

" Let us return to nature"


Characterized by flexibility of

your head and a great idealistic

perspective of being human,

Romanticism slowly crept

away of Neoclassicism

(1798-1832 )


• Rousseau found this as dangerous for the freedom

of mankind and thus sparked the Romantic

movements; which searched for to revive the human race

by representing life and nature in its glory.

• Two poets that romanced nature during this

era were:

• William Wordsworth (1770-1850) and

Steve Keats (1795-1821).

Romantic poetry, despite the identity, is not really

always regarding love and relationships.

The theme of Nature is main in a great deal

of Passionate poetry, exactly where questions arise as to

what that characteristics is, what it symbolizes, and how

it is viewed.

There are many different views on nature, and

each poet explores these people differently.

The Landmark Figures of

Intimate Poetry

The Wordsworthian

Rise ? mutiny

The Nature Hymns

of Keats

The father of English Romanticism


Mother nature should be each of our teacher

We have to find magnificence in Nature

We should discover our joy in Characteristics


Nature was mankind's ideal

moral instructor.

Nature was his religion

‘Nature's excessive priest‘

" Let Nature be your instructor


-William Wordsworth

(Tables Turned)

" Let Mother nature be your instructor. She has a world of prepared

wealth, The minds and hearts to bless".

" hear the woodland linnet, How sweet his music! on

my life, There's more of wisdom in it. " (Tables Turned)

" provide us with more than years of toiling reason”


" One instinct from a vernal wood May teach you

more of guy, Of moral bad and of great, Than all the

sages can easily.

Wordsworth applied poetry to teach the beauty of

nature. If Sappho is considered the tenth muse,

then simply let Wordsworth be the eleventh; to get his

words and phrases ring just as immortal.



This individual pleads everybody to quit all their " countless strife"

and " meddling intellect" and instead open " a center

that wrist watches and gets

He needed Hazlitt to " beverage the spirit breathed" in

nature and seek mother nature while there is still time

(Expostulation and Reply).

Wordsworth described himself since " previously being

exalted towards the highest presentation of delight by

joyousness and beauty of nature

This individual makes all of us want to find the beauty that he discovered. If

just we had his eyes. Only if we had his ears. If perhaps we

can sit at your toes of Wordsworth in an open field to

hear him utter the joyous music in his cardiovascular.

For far very long, depression has been treated with

medication and psychology. I think two stanzas of

Wordsworth will deal with any type of depression.

The type Hymns of Keats

Keats writes regarding nature in 3 ways

• The beauty in nature

• His love of nature

• The joy and relief characteristics can bring

( Ode to Autumn, Psaume to a Nightingale,

Bright Star! Would I Were Working as Thou

Art, and On the Grasshopper and Cricket)


" I find that I cannot

exist without

poems without

eternal poetry 50 percent

the day will never do

the complete of it"

- John Keats

(Jack 105)


• This individual gives a much more in-depth which means to the

words and phrases in his poems that record all of the

reader's senses

• Reveals his changing view of existence resulting in the

belief of death being his means to overcome


• Using the symbolism from the nightingale, Keats

becomes uncertain of his view of life and begins

to ponder the idea of death.


• Wordsworth and Keats both exhibit love and appreciation of Nature in their poetry

•. They combine in their view of Natural great natural beauty, viewing period spent in its midst while vastly even more valuable than time put in toiling above books.

• Keats and Wordsworth carry out portray emblems of realistic look while...



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