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 Literature looking method Essay


Compared with the traditional as well as the retrieved printed journal methods, electronic databases allow analysts or learners to get information quickly, up-to-date, and wider runs of alternatives. The aim of this essay should be to explain a few methods found in search presentation article in that time, which includes how to use the truncating key terms way and Boolean workers to choose keywords and phrases. Meanwhile, the essay will critically review and assess the searching approaches used to get the related articles via databases and other sources this time, and discovering how to improve better down the road.

Key body

Describe and Justify the Searching Methods

Along the way of search presentation document, the first step is usually to decide the subject, and then in line with the topic, to decide on the key conditions for going through the academic article. For the obesity display topic by simply quantitative research, the key conditions are " quantitative” and " obes*”, the " obes*” can be obese and obesity, instead of one expression. Therefore , through using wildcard (*) to truncate words and phrases, a series of words related to this, like the verb, the noun, the epithete, the adverb…they are all can show in the outcomes. This approach can retrieve even more relevant content, rather than limit one important term. In addition , the Boolean operators is useful way to locate the required info, it contains words and phrases " AND”, " OR”, " NOT” to narrow down or expand out the exploration outcomes (Jesson, Matheson and Lacey, 2011). There has an additional effective skill is to determine synonyms and alternative search terms and combine with the Boolean operators. That may be, the alternative important term of obesity is definitely overweight. Therefore , the key words may put the " quantitative AND obes* OR PERHAPS overweight”. Not merely by previously mentioned methods, through setting limited elements to refine and restrain the irrelevant content in databases is a important process. These factors consist of date, dialect, geographical region, subject, sort of source (Bhandol, 2012). For instance , in the BREAKTHROUGH database, altering the date from 2008 to 2012, only available in English and full-text academics journals, and subject can be involved in obesity, overweight, physical exercise, health…For obese, as this is a global issue as well as the topic did not mention have to focus on which usually country, and so there was not only a requirement setting geography. Through these screenings, the results became nearer to the desired content and less range, like ‘upside-down pyramid', where the search starts with a higher quantity of search things and gradually narrows down. Finally, the literature " Exercise and exercise intention among overweight and obese individuals” (Smith, Griffin and Fitzpatrick, 2011) meets the criteria, using quantitative research approach to prove the influences among obesity and exercises. The keywords featured in that document including " exercise; overweight; nurse practitioners; conduct modification; decisional balance... ” (Smith, Griffin and Fitzpatrick, 2011). So , through typing in key terms " quantitative AND obes* OR overweight” in the directories could find the keywords " obese and overweight” inside the title and " quantitative” in the fuzy. Furthermore, through online clicking on the words including in the item of " Subject Terms” listed in this can allow visitors to browse words and phrases in the data source indexes related to related articles or blog posts. Meanwhile, the referencing set of the article supplies the readers the helpful data as well. As a result, even one research newspaper also can extend to some other sources. Except DISCOVERY database, there have some various other databases and sources may also access the literature. For example, in the Digital Library, by " Directories for my personal subject” category choose " Health (Nursing, Midwifery & ODP)”, generally there list several different sets of databases concerning those courses, like " Healthcare databases”, " Databases pertaining to related subjects”, " Beneficial general databases”, one of the valuable database can be " CINAHL Plus with Full Textual content -...

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