Obesity and Gastric Bypass Surgery

 Obesity and Gastric Bypass Surgery Composition

Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results

April Capital t. Oros


June 19, 2013

Catherine Anderson-Spear, BSN, JD

Examination of Newspaper Research Record Results

Through this paper I will discuss a peice from the Seattle Press written by Associated Press Medical Copy writer Lindsay Tanner. I will discuss the statistical procedures found in the study and give an research of the a conclusion both the analysts and the news reporter drew from your study results to consider the statistical significance of the data presented. The article explains the research of Doctor Sayeed Ikramuddin of the office of surgical treatment, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and his fellow workers relating to bariatric surgery their potential function in glycemic control in type two diabetics. Irkamuddin states that at a year, " the primary goal was considered effective if sufferers achieved the composite with the triple endpoint: HbA1c of less than six. 0%, a great LDL bad cholesterol level of less than 100 mg/dL, and systolic blood pressure of less than 130 mmHg at the 12-month visit” (2013, p. 2242). The study was done at several sites, including New York, Mn, and two hospitals in Taiwan and lasted twelve months. Patients with mild to moderate overweight and adult-onset diabetes mellitus were provided a free intense intervention and recruited using mass media advertising, practice-based sources and contact with professional groups, leading to a great unblinded randomized group after screening 2648 candidates. Human body mass index in individuals ranged from 40. 0 to 39. on the lookout for, with a mean of thirty four. 6. The research participants had been diagnosed with diabetes for a indicate of 9. 0 years. The intense intervention included lifestyle changes with daily caloric intake is important, increased physical exercise, daily weight loads and counseling sessions, and intensive medical management including close monitoring and treatment from doctors with medicines for bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and glycemic control. Sixty of the participants...

Referrals: Ikramuddin, S i9000., Korner, L., Lee, T., Connett, L. F., Inabnet, W., Billington, C. L., Thomas, A. J., Leslie, D. B., Chong, T., Jeffery, Ur., Ahmed, D., Vella, A., Chuang, M., Bessler, M., Sarr, Meters. G., Swain, J. M., Laqua, G., Jensen, M. D., Bantle, J. S. Roux-en gastric bypass atlanta vs extensive medical supervision for the control of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. В (2013, June 5). В Journal of the American Medical Association, 309(21), 2240-2249. RetrievedВ fromВ http://jama.jamanetwork.com

Tanner, T. (2013, JuneВ 4). Obesity surgery-diabetes study shows pros and cons. The Seattle Occasions. Retrieved from http://seattletimes.com



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