Character Evaluation of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice

 Essay regarding Character Analysis of At the Bennet in Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth Bennet is the most intriguing character that Jane Austen writes going to me. The girl covers every aspect of what it means to become a great key character of the novel/movie. Her charm and beauty will be obviously the main things that draw you in at the start of Pride and Prejudice but since the story goes on we find out she has quit intelligent, cares about her family especially her sisters (more thus then her own mom in some cases), and does not want to marry a person for finical reasons, but instead for love and happiness.

What is important that pulls me in about At the is her relationship with Mr. Darcy. Her first thoughts about Darcy are that he's conceded and he cares about you too much regarding " class” or " rank” in society much more than love or feelings when it comes to a romance. While seated in between dances at the ball she overhears Darcy speaking with Mr. Bingley about the ladies at the ball and for what reason he (Darcy) isn't dancing with one. Darcy responds " I actually certainly shall not. You know how My spouse and i detest that, unless I actually am especially acquainted with my own partner. In such an assembly as this kind of, it would be intolerable. Your siblings are engaged, and there is not really another female in the room whom it would not really be a punishment to me to stand up with. ” (pg 12-13). Concerns only get worse when Bingley asks in the event he'd love to have Her introduce him to Elizabeth for a move and when Darcy looks at At the he says " She is tolerable; but not good looking enough to tempt me personally; and I was in not any humor at present to give effect to young women who are slighted by simply other males. ” (pg. 13). Elizabeth is so upset by Darcy's words that for the better section of the first half the novel your woman does everything in her power to perception angry in Darcy to ensure that he will ditch her alone.

The relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy is also amazingly interesting in my experience because I feel that they are practically mirror pictures of each different. Darcy sees that Lady Catherine wants him to marry someone who can be described as woman who has...



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