September eleven Attacks and World Trade Center

 September 11 Attacks and World Trade Center Essay

Observing the movie 102 minutes for the second period opened my eyes to the disaster of 9/11 more than this did the first time. Being only six years of age at the time of the incident, We didn't genuinely understand the size of the tragedy until years later. The caliber of the movie caused it to be very clear in my experience just how agonizing being around the globe Trade Middle buildings through the attack was, not only for the people inside the buildings that were hit, but also for the people about as well. The sensation of confusion that the bystanders must have experienced in addition to the a sense of fear will need to have been intolerable. Seeing the footage in the attack in such obvious video caused it to be feel as if it was like a Hollywood movie rather than a true traumatic function that tainted America's background as well as the reliability of the country as a whole, not just New Yorkers. The memories that watching 102 minutes brought back were thoughts of misunderstandings more than anything at all. As a 1st grader, the magnitude of your terrorist assault was not something within my personal realm of comprehension. I remember being so confused when ever my mom selected me up early from practice on a normal Tuesday. I recall wanting to know so why my parents had been crying for hours and for what reason no one was telling me what was incorrect.

The quality of the video itself made the attack strike home harder than just the professional filmmakers. The " amateur” filmmakers showed the actual emotions of the day rather than merely capturing the shot. Having the ability to hear the voices of people who were present at the time of the airplane strikes tugs on the heartstrings harder than the videographer's interpretations following the fact. The real-life reactions hurt even more to hear.

Before the attacks on 9/11, the neighborhood encircling the World Transact Center buildings was a very populated, multicultural area packed with thriving businesses and other free-market style locations. The area was transformed into a sullen and solemn region that is troubled with...



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