solar Dissertation

Progress in solar PV technology: Analysis and achievements

V. Versus. Tyagia, n,,,

Nurul A. A. Rahimb,

N. A. Rahimb,

Jeyraj A. /L. Selvarajb

a Office of Physics, Manav Rachna College of Engineering, Faridabad 121001, Haryana, India b UM Electricity Energy Committed Advanced Hub (UMPEDAC), Level-4, Wisma R& D, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur 59990, Malaysia


The development in solar PV technology is growing very fast lately due to technological improvement, expense reductions in materials and government support for renewable energy based electrical power production. Photovoltaic is playing a significant role to make use of solar energy pertaining to electricity production worldwide. Presently, the PHOTO VOLTAIC market is growing rapidly with worldwide about 23. 5 GW in 2010 and in addition growing in an annual level of 35–40%, which makes photovoltaic as one of the quickest growing sectors. The productivity of solar power cell is one of the important unbekannte in order to create this technology in the market. Currently, extensive research work is going intended for efficiency improvement of solar cells for commercial use. The productivity of monocrystalline silicon solar power cell has showed incredibly good improvement year by simply year. That starts with just 15% in 1950s and after that increase to 17% during the 1970s and continually increase approximately 28% at present. The growth in solar pv technologies which includes worldwide position, materials to get solar cells, effectiveness, factor impacting on the efficiency of PHOTO VOLTAIC module, overview on price analysis of PV as well as its environmental effects are analyzed in this newspaper. Keywords

Solar panels;

PHOTO VOLTAIC materials;

Cost research;

Environmental impact

1 ) Introduction

Because of the fast development, demands of comfort, a better mobility and growing universe population, the vitality consumption is definitely rising greatly year simply by year. In today's scenario, non-renewable fuels as fossil fuel, oil and gas, happen to be playing business lead role to fulfill the energy demand. The environmental air pollution is also problem today as a result of huge utilization of fossil fuels. To diminish the air pollution and save the environment, renewable energy technologies possess good potential to meet the global energy demand. It is regarded that amongst renewable energy sources, solar energy is most appealing and trustworthy energy sources in many of the countries, government provides incentive to setup the solar energy based electricity plants. To be able to convert solar power in strength forms workable for human needs there are lots of thermodynamic path ways. In general, warmth, kinetic energy, electric energy and chemical energy can be supplied via solar powered energy conversion. Pv (PV) is the direct conversion of radiation into electricity. Photovoltaic systems contain cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Inside each cellular there are layers of a semi-conducting material. Mild falling on the cell makes an electric field across the layers, causing electric power to circulation. The intensity of the mild determines the number of electrical power every single cell generates. Research about semiconductors (III–V and II–VI) based solar cells were analyzed since 1960 and at that period, new technology for polycrystalline Dans le cas ou (pc-Si) and thin-film solar power cell have been completely establish in order to lower the fabric cost and energy insight but improve the production capability [1]. PV is currently a formally and from the commercial perspective mature technology able to create and supply short/mid-term electricity employing solar energy. Yet , the current PV installations are still small and provide only 0. 1% of world total electricity technology but through some marketplace report suggested that PV installations happen to be growing for 40% normal annual price [2]. PV technology has decreased its unit costs to roughly 1 / 3rd of where this stood five years ago, with continuous specialized advance and research for efficiency enhance, PV will surely continue on the fast-growing tempo and eventually turn into an important energy supplier in the world. It is forecasted by statement on the sun...



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