Examine Guide and Sample Test Questions to get Lectures one particular to 5 2015

 Study Guidebook and Sample Exam Inquiries for Classes 1 to 4 2015 Research Paper


BIOC33/CC4 Cardiovascular System (Lectures 1-4) Research Guide (2015) Lecture one particular: Electrical Leasing within the Cardiovascular


The Conduction Approach to the Heart

Pacemaker Potential

Sample Inquiries

1 . What is the path of electrical conduction inside the heart? 2 . Which within ionic conductance (permeability) go with the various phases of the pacemaker potential?

a few.

1 .

2 .


a) In region 1, a decrease in PK and a rise in PNa: In zone two, an increase in PCa b) In zone 1, a decline in PK and an increase in PCa: In sector 2, a rise in PNa c) In zone 3, a huge increase in PNa: In area 4, a rise in PK and a reduction in PCa d) In sector 3, a sizable increase in PCa: In sector 4, an increase in PK and a reduction in PNa e) A and D

3. The action potential that travels along the conduction path of the cardiovascular moves way up into the ventricles (from the apex from the heart) via the


a) UTAV node

b) SA client

c) Purkinje Fibres

d) Atrioventricular valves

e) Package of His


Spiel 2: Heart failure Action Potential and the Electrocardiogram Topics

The Cardiac Action Potential

Common Bipolar Arm or leg Leads and Einthoven's Rules

Components of the ECG Influx

Correlation of the ECT Pieces with the Electric powered Conduction Throughout the Heart Interpreting ECGs



Portions of the ECG Trace


Sample Concerns

1 . Which usually changes in ionic conductance (permeability) accompany the many phases of the cardiac action potential?

installment payments on your What do the several components of the ECG stand for (i. electronic., T wave)? 3. Which changes in ionic conductance (permeability) DO NOT go along with the various levels of the heart failure action potential?

a) In zone zero, an increase in PNa

b) In zone you, a decline in PNa, a decrease in PK and a rise in PCa c) In sector 2, a decrease in PNa and an increase in PCa

d) In region 3, a rise in PK and a decline in PCa

e) C and D

four. The P and Big t waves from the ECG stand for


a) Ventricular repolarisation and atrial depolarisation.

b) Atrial depolarisation and atrial repolarisation.

c) Ventricular depolarisation and atrial repolarisation.

d) Atrial depolarisation and ventricular repolarisation.

e) Atrial depolarisation and ventricular depolarisation.

, respectively.


5. The following ECG trace can be representative of what cardiac disorder?

a) Atrial flutter.

b) Atrial fibrillation.

c) Ventricular fibrillation.

d) Wandering atrial pacemaker.

e) Second level heart stop.


Spiel 3: ECGs, Electrical Axis of the Cardiovascular system and the Heart Cycle Matters

ECG and Arrhythmias Continued



Heart Block

Bundle Branch Block

The Electrical Axis of the Cardiovascular system

Definition of the Electrical Axis

Diagnostic Uses of the Electric powered Axis

Calculating the Electric powered Axis

The Cardiac Pattern

Opening and Closing of Heart Regulators

Heart Valve Disease

Pressure and Quantity Changes through the Cardiac Circuit

Late Diastole (Ventricular Filling)

Early Systole (Isovolumetric Contraction)

Late Systole (Ventricular Ejection)

Early Diastole (Isovolumetric Leisure and Ventricular Filling)

Sample Questions

1 ) What are you will of ventricular fibrillation? installment payments on your Describe all of the changes in atrial pressure, ventricular pressure, aortic pressure and ventricular amount that arise during the different stages in the cardiac circuit. Illustrate when the various regulators are available or closed.

3. For both of the semilunar regulators to be available:

a) L (pulmonary artery) < P (right ventricle) and P (aorta) > P (left ventricle) b) P (pulmonary artery) < P (right ventricle) and P (aorta) < S (left ventricle) c) L (right ventricle) = L (aorta) and P (left ventricle) sama dengan P (pulmonary artery) d) P (pulmonary artery) > P (right ventricle) and P (aorta) > P (left ventricle) e) S (pulmonary artery) > P (right ventricle) and S (aorta) < P still left ventricle four. During Iso-volumetric contraction from the heart:

a) There is an increase in pressure without a change in amount. b)...



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