The Oval Portrait

 The Oblong Portrait Dissertation

Astrid Agerskov Pedersen - 3. b -- Skive Gymnasium og HF! Engelsk A - Aflevering 1 (fiction) - The Oval Portrait

d. 6/9-2012

The Oblong Portrait, by simply Edgar Allan Poe

The short history " The Oval Portrait” is written by Edgar Allan Poe. It is just a gothic new because of particular elements of gothic reference. It describes both the different article topics of a married couple. The husband asks for that the partner let him fresh paint her, and in obeying him she manages to lose her appreciate. As the painting finishes, both her health and state of mind give up gradually, but yet the girl continues to sit for him. It discusses the strain between love and skill. It is a account about enthusiasm, life, skill, death, love and homicide. The setting and the storyline are engulfed in secret all the way through, that assist to establish the Gothic mood in which the account occurs. The entire atmosphere of the story is filled with mystery and suspense, which usually surrounds the other medieval elements. The deserted castle is a typical background to get a Gothic story. It is described as an old fort with lots of decor, tapestries and strange structures. Though left behind, the castle is still generously furnished and full of exquisite paintings. Edgar Allan Poe set a really gloomy atmosphere with his use of specific terms in the history. When describing places and moods in " The Oval Portrait” he uses the words such as bizarre, sumptuously and broderie. The use of these types of adjectives, combined with the detailed description of the adornments in the room and the castle it self, established the tone and indicate to the reader that something powerful is about to take place further along. Also this book with all the story about the room as well as the painting is a kind of ancient prediction which is a incredibly normal and strong aspect in a gothic story. The maiden in the painting is usually both " the woman of distress” and " the lady threatened with a powerful, impulsive, tyrannical male” in this gothic-story, because she suffers underneath the painter's like and passion for art, which is deeply...



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