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Extreme Competition

The Chicken Grain Shop is definitely facing extreme competition by large, international fast food eating places such as KFC, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Pizza Hut, McDonald's etc . Brand new and existing fast food eating places are overloaded in the country but nevertheless growing and opening swiftly. Spread of Diseases

Diseases such as parrot flu and mad cow disease going on time to time but it will surely affect the fast food production around the world. Consumer can decide not to eat food related to the illnesses, and it will cause a major damage for junk food restaurant such as the Chicken Rice Shop. Local Fast Food Restaurant Chains

Neighborhood fast food restaurants are more efficient in localization approach. For the reason that they know very well what the local client's taste and preferences and come out with menu and foodstuff that meets and symbolize the local taste. Trend toward healthy ingesting

More and more people focuses on on healthy eating. The accelerating the trend toward healthful eating has changes the eating habit of individuals. People who highlights on healthier eating will not pick fast food as their different types of meals. It is because fast foods contain a lot of body fat, calories, trans fat, etc which are certainly not benefit to the health.


Raising demand for healthier food

As a result of obesity is now worldwide healthy and balanced threats and demand for healthy food and beverages has increased substantially. The Chicken Rice Shop has an possibility to further expand its range of products with refreshments that have low amount of salt, low-fat and more nourishment subs. Bring in local foodstuff to fit local market

As a result of different marketplace has different eating habit. To be able to fit into the industry, TCRS must define what food and eating habit the fact that local customer like or perhaps do not like and expose new local food without having to lose the TCRS originality that might represent the local taste. Presenting new products besides chicken

TCRS could create new menu such as give vegetarian...



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